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О Соликамском городском округе


Дата образования города Соликамска: 1430 год

Численность населения Соликамского городского округа:

108 513

Общая площадь СГО: 5 645 кв.км.

Соликамск расположен на железнодорожной ветке Чусовская — Соликамск, в верховьях Камского глубоководного пути.  

Город является крупнейшим из автодорожных узлов севера края. Соликамск соединен автодорогами территориального значения с городами Красновишерск и Чердынь в северном направлении, Березники, Александровск, Кизел, Пермь в южном направлении.

Федотов Алексей Николаевич

Федотов Алексей Николаевич
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Investment attractiveness of the city of Solikamsk

Investment policy of the Solikamsk city district

Investment passport of the city of Solikamsk 2012

Investment passport of the city of Solikamsk 2013 (for more information, see the Passport, Completed for the year 2012.)

Investment passport of the city of Solikamsk 2014 (for more information, see the Passport, Completed for the year 2012.)

Investment passport of the city of Solikamsk 2015

Investment passport of the city of Solikamsk 2016

Forecast of the needs of labour market of the Solikamsk city district in specialists of different directions in 2015- 2021

Plan of the creation of investment and infrastructure objects of the Solikamsk city district in the years 2014- 2017

Investment message of the head of administration of the city of Solikamsk

Investment attractiveness of the city is characterised by rich natural resources,  production,  labor, infrastructure potential.

Industry is a leading, city-forming branches of economic complex of the city, determines the level of socio-economic development of the territory as well as making a significant contribution to the tax base for the local budget, determines the level of investment activity, the level of income of the population.

The world's largest deposit of potash salts is situated under Solikamsk and the city is part of Berezniki-Solikamsk industrial hub.

In the industry of the city is dominated by the enterprise the following industries: chemical, pulp and paper, non-ferrous metallurgy. Has the enterprise forest logging and wood processing, food, printing industries, building materials industry. 

Solikamsk is a important transport hub in the Perm Krai. Solikamsk connected by roads of territorial values with Krasnovishersk and Cherdyn in a northerly direction, Berezniki, Alexandrovsk, Kizel, Perm in the southern direction. Solikamsk has transport links to Sverdlovsk and Kirov regions, as well as with the Republic of Udmurtia.

The master plan provides for the construction of new sections of main streets for the optimization of the transport system of the city as a whole, and provide the groundwork for the development of the highway-road network to the newly developed and planned to enter the territories up to the year 2025.



Photo of master plan


Kama is an important part of a global deep system of the European part of Russia, in turn connected with the waterways of Europe. Transportation of cargoes in ports of the Baltic, White, Black, Azov and Caspian seas, river ports of the Great European rings. The main passenger river transport route, coming from Solikamsk, is the route Solikamsk - Perm.

The city has access to A deep-water system of the European part of Russia on the Kama River.

Distance from the city to the Centre of Krai is 368 km.

Solikamsk maintains trade and economic relations with many Russian regions and maintains an active external economic activity. Number of subjects — participants of foreign economic activities exceeds 50 units.

Solikamsk is the starting point of all tourist routes by the north of  Prikamye

Solikamsk is open for collaboration between Russian and foreign partners. Local administration is ready to review all variants of attracting investments, leading technologies, managerial skills. Solikamsk is interested in mutually beneficial relationship and is ready to provide the most comfortable conditions for realization of investment projects.

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